GASPARE MANOS work of art donated for the FUNDESO XIII th annual fundraising dinner Madrid 27. November 2008 with other sponsors, patrons and collaborators such as British Airways, Iberia, Guerlain and many others. Fundeso is a private non-profit organization that acts as a non-governmental organization for development (NGOD) that is non-religious, non-political and independent.

Fundeso works to build a more human and more just world through sustainable and integral development programs that involve the strengthening of the civil society in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Fundeso also carries out projects to raise awareness against inequalities in Spanish society.

Fundeso was founded in 1995 by Rafael Guardans Camb¨®, who at that time had already gained more than ten years of experience in international cooperation with developing countries, and a group of other professionals from several different sectors.

Fundeso was declared as a public utility by the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs on October the 30th 1996 (BOE 22.11.96), being subsequently registered in the Directory of Organizations for Social Matters. Fundeso is also registered in the Directory of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Development of the Spanish International Cooperation Agency (Foreign Affairs Ministry).

Since 1997, Fundeso has been submitted to an annual external auditor who audits firms of recognized prestige. Since 2002, Fundeso has been audited by Lasemer Auditors S.L. Similarly, Fundeso has been submitted to an annual evaluation by Foundaci¨®n Lealtad, a Spanish private foundation that publishes the conclusions of its analysis in a Transparency Guide (

Fundeso is associated with some of the most important networks in its own sector, such as the Spanish Association of Non-governmental Organizations (, which includes the majority of Spanish Non-Governmental Organizations of International Cooperation; the Global Compact (, an initiative in the sector of corporate social responsibility founded by the Secretary General of the United Nations; One World Net (, an international network that unites more than 1,500 entities online that work for a more just world; the Spanish Association of Foundations, AEF (, which seeks to make the Spanish foundational sector more dynamic; and The World Conservation Union (, which works in favour of environmental conservation by placing humans at the centre of the process.The donation of a work of art by the artist Gaspare Manos is a small contribution to the great cause of greater economic and social development sponsored by FUNDESO and similar organisations around the world. The involvement stems from the particular interest of the artist Gaspare Manos in this subject following years spent at the London School of Economics (LSE) undertaking and completing his Ph.D at the Faculty of Economics in the Field of Economic Development in the 1990¡¯s as a personal and intellectual challenge whilst painting. See for further information.